Whipped Cream Cheese Vanilla Frosting

Before I give you this recipe I first must confess, I don’t like frosting. There I said it. I’m a baker and I don’t like frosting!! I almost always opt for a caramel sauce or hot fudge frizzle on cake, a dusting of powdered sugar and some fresh fruit, a bit of cocoa powder or ganache made with dark chocolate. I. Don’t. Like. Frosting. It’s too SWEET and it gets hard and crunchy when cold, just not something I enjoyed….Until, this frosting!!

Now are you sitting down? I revamped this recipe from one of Paula Deen’s recipes given to me by a friend…Ms. Deen calls for the ENTIRE box, 16oz (4 full cups) of powdered sugar to go in the frosting for her Carrot Cake (recipe linked above).

I altered the recipe quite a bit and here is the new and improved, smooth, not crunchy, sweet but won’t overpower the cake, creamy, light, heavenly frosting!!!

4oz cream cheese softened

4oz butter softened

1t pure vanilla extract

2T Milk or Half n Half

1 cup powdered sugar ~ (I use Wholesome Organic/Fair Trade Powdered Sugar, the BEST by far, not clumpy at all and no GMO Corn Starch like the other big name brands)

In a med bowl, using a hand mixer with a whisk attachment add the cream cheese and whip until completely smooth, no lumps. Add butter and repeat the whisking until smooth. Add powdered sugar and gently whisk by hand or on low speed so you don’t get a cloud of powdered sugar in your face (talking from experience here). Add vanilla extract and milk, whisk again until incorporated, top your cake, cupcakes or mini cakes and then refrigerate to allow the frosting to set.

I also made variations of this frosting by changing out the vanilla to other flavors (orange, lemon, coffee, hazelnut etc) so experiment with it and taste more than sugar, Taste the Love!!

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5 thoughts on “Whipped Cream Cheese Vanilla Frosting

  1. I’m not crazy about frosting, either. This does look yummy, the cream cheese will help the taste along. Thank you for sharing.

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